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Japanese Language School


A strong foundation in the Japanese language speaking, listening, reading and writing equivalent to primary school graduates in Japan.

Prepare students to contribute actively in Canadian society.


A 10 year program: kindergarten - 2 years, primary school - 6 years, middle school - 2 years.

Lessons each week in Japanese music, poetry, calligraphy, social studies, geography and history.

Beginning in Grade 1, students use text books approved by Japanese Ministry education for pubic schools.

Field trips to special events(middle school).


All classes are taught in Japanese.

Classes are held each Saturday,Morning program (Japanese & cultures) and Afternoon program ( music, calligraphy & Japanese cultures)

Before admission to the program, each student must demonstrate proficiency in the Japanese language.

Each student's language abilities are assessed to ensure placement at an appropriate level of instruction.

Regular homework is assigned to ensure steady development of language skills.

In September, teachers meet with class parents to explain the year's curriculum and to answer questions.

Formal parent -teacher interviews are held in November and February.

Students and parents are entitled to borrow Japanese books, magazines and videos from our library.

Parental Involvement

The parent body is ultimately responsible for the operation of the programs.

A Board of Trustees, consisting of parents and administrative staff, is responsible for overseeing school affairs.

The Board of Trustees hosts an annual meeting with parents to discuss and approve policies and budgets and to address other concerns.

Special Events

We believe learning Japanese can be fun. Each year, we hold several special events so that students, teachers and parents can get to know one another better: Onigiri Day/Pizza Day, Christmas Luncheon, New Year Calligraphy Contest, School Performance Day, Spring Bazaar, Graduation Ceremony.

Benefits to Students

Many students have achieved high scores on the Language Proficiency test administered by the Japanese Government.